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Welcome to survival

Pain is your reason to survive. Our most popular thought is to give up in order to not feel this dreadful feeling, but have you ever thought surviving pain is the better alternative? I have thought of this topic so many times. Pain have danced within me and even when I say, “not today sir” […]

Today’s thoughts..

Hi dear readers, how are you today? Today my thoughts are simple. I am letting out what’s inside, are you interesting? you should be. Have you ever looked at a best friend your sitting across from having lunch and think…” I can’t see life without you” or “our friendship is such a blessing, I don’t […]

Penny blogging

Listening and sharing my thoughts with people I know is like second nature. I have found myself to be a certified thinker, hence the snap of the finger and the light bulb over the head moment…..I thought to myself, and self said “You like writing your feelings and ideas, why not share them” There comes […]

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